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Andrea Entz

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Voiceover from the mind of a Stand-up Comedian! A high-energy, intelligent, fun, and fast performer.

Andrea is a professionally trained Stage and Voice Actor out of Seattle specializing in warm, uplifting, friendly Commercial and Character Voice Over with a quirky twist– The Young Mom, the Peppy Camp Counselor, BUT ALSO the Cool Kooky Aunt, the Southern Pumpkin Farmer, the Overenthusiastic Bird Trainer– She loves being warm and being weird! Think Kristen Wiig or Emma Stone.

Specialties include: speaking quickly, word play, genuine & versatile laughter, and various dialects!

Andrea is trained in the acting techniques of Stanislavski, Meisner, Strasberg, and Suzuki giving her a grounded, honest, and body-based skill set. Her BS in Psychology and her experience as a Comedian set her apart from your everyday Actor; Her background in Psychology adds an extra element of empathy and honesty while her experience as a Comedian adds humor, confidence, and personality. (Check out clips of her comedy below!)

She brings all of these experiences and more into her work as a Voice Actor AND she also happens to be fun, articulate, and easy to work with! Wow!

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Andrea Entz Commercial Voice…

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