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I am filmmaker, where most of my experience lies in writing and directing and creating things for a tiny tiny budget. I love thinking outside the box and telling stories that maybe you didn’t know needed to be told, and making people think.

Directors in Los Angeles, CA

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Hunky-Dory Soda Pop!

Musical set in the 50's that I co-directed with my twin brother Kalle! Proof of concept for a feature we… View the Video

The Standoff-Fish

A cutout collage style "visual children's book" about a fish who tries to figure out why his friends won't hang… View the Video

Together and Then

All the ups and downs of a relationship told by way of a girlfriend leaving her boyfriend's place, and the… View the Video

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Zachary Seifert-Ponce
I met Zach in college at PUC! Zach composed the music for Together and Then, and is also working on the music for a film that I am not quite finished with yet!
Ben Ivers

Ben Ivers

Director of Photography

I met Ben helping out a mutual friend with a film they were making about 5 or 6 years ago. He has DP'd a short film I made called Together and Then and a the first feature I made with my brother called 6-Crowd!


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