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Anthony Hadley Jr

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I am a freelance filmmaker with many years experience in both production and post. In production most of my time has been spent in cinematography and camera operation. I am proficient in Davinci Resolve as an editing sweet and for color grading. I also have many years experience with Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite. I excel in creating content with a small production footprint, but am always excited to collaborate with large crews on large projects.

Directors in Los Angeles, CA

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The Nature of Things (feat. …

This small project was a bit of a vignette with model and creative Katie Raine. It was shot in Omaha,… View the Video


This project is a music video for Los Angeles based R&B artist Jeronelle from his latest EP. I had the… View the Video

Demo Reel

This is a compilation of recent projects at the time this reel was composed - circa early 2021. It consists… View the Video

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Ulato Sam

Ulato Sam

Actor. Creative Artist. Performer.

Ulato has been a friend and close collaborator for the better part of a decade now. We have worked together on projects ranging from education, film, photography and movement.
Emmett Emin

Emmett Emin


Emmett @ Halfamic Studios is a successful creative and entrepreneur. We have collaborated on numerous projects in visual media including branding, lifestyle and music related projects.

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I have worked with Anthony professionally for around 18-19 years both as a client and contractor. The projects we have worked on include a variety of video projects, from corporate to artsy. He is very detail-oriented, plans projects well with clear timelines, and produces quality work with crisp visuals. He communicates realistically, is punctual, and requires clear details before committing to a project. I find him easy to talk to and deals with people very well, which is a trait admire about him. Anthony is a good friend, trustworthy and one of the reasons why I moved to LA. I still trust him to this day.

1 year ago
Ulato Sam

Anthony is one of the most nuanced and diversely skilled artists I've had the pleasure of collaborating with. Not only is he versed in the language of "yes and", he brings an urbane eye to his art. His ability to write, film, edit and refine projects has blossomed over the six years I've been viewing his work. Not only has he been imaginative and detail oriented, he's also been flexible enough to draw inspiration from his successes and his challenges. A short-coming is just another story to be told and an opportunity to be taken and therefore nothing more than inspiration to this creative artist. Collaborating with Anthony is not only a smooth process but one that is fulfilling and empowering to the artists around him. I'm more than happy to support his talent and know that his greatest work yet is ready and just waiting for the right team and access to be materialized.

2 years ago