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Devin Whetstone is an Emmy award winning cinematographer whose career spans over 25 countries and includes feature films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. His vast knowledge and understanding of visual effects and robotics from his 5 years at Autofuss / Bot N’ Dolly make him a master of robot controlled camera work for visual effects and product photography. Devin is also part owner of the aerial company Propeller Aeronuatics, providing drone and aerial solutions for all industries. This broad skillset make him unparalleled in his field and allow him to find beautiful solutions to any problem. As an experienced rock climber and mountaineer with a keen eye for capturing the natural world, Devin photographs his subjects with great care whether they be human, machine or wild.
Some of Devin’s clients include Apple, Google, Facebook, Nike, Patagonia, The North Face, Louis Vuitton, Banana Republic and Toyota.

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Director of Photography

Part of the Banana Republic "No Boundaries" Campaign Fall 2018. Director: Keenan Newman USA Creative Director: Len Peltier @ Banana… View the Video


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There isn't a client or audience member, for that matter, that isn't blown away by what Devin can do with the camera. Using a combination of mimicking what our eyes actually see in the world with an artistic-beautiful array of color and composition, Devin Whetstone's vision and created images is THE reason your project or passion will be noticed. A true artist with a blue-collar work ethic, Devin knows how to get amazing shots and beautiful composition in on time, within budget and with an emphatic emphasis on knowing how every shot cuts together in post; not to mention a mastery of the color science of each shot or scene. A DP that is more than willing to operate himself in all weather, terrain and altitude (has shot in ocean, deserts, jungles, cliffs, dunes and mountain summits), Devin will do what it takes to get the most inspiring, appealing shot, all with a positive never-quit attitude and wonderful sense of humor. With Devin, you get the complete package on making your project sizzle and shine, and I couldn't recommend him enough.

-Branden Paris

3 years ago