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Converging from their respective productions to any convenient 24-hour diner, the crew would be found letting their creative energy out. Over coffee, each would talk through their love of film, on set experiences, and how they complimented the projects they had been working on. Finally, one particular cup of coffee would inevitably lead to Midnight Brunch’s inception. They had long found success on their own, but their continued conferences yielded a similar mission: to create unique content true to story and brand.

Bringing together their wide range of experiences, as 2019 launched, so did Midnight Brunch. A group of independent filmmakers combining their different skill-sets and unique backgrounds to create a fresh perspective on content for their clients. The productions are dynamic, detail-oriented, and honest. Midnight Brunch is your collaborators and go-to people, leading clients and their projects to engaging and profitable payoffs.

So, come grab a cup of coffee, the first one is on us, and let’s talk about how we can work together.

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