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At Upstart Media we believe firmly in 2 things. First, you should be excellent at what you do. Second, business has the responsibility to contribute to the greater good and be conscious of systemic inequalities.

With 15 years of video production under our belts, and a broad list of clients ranging across all fields, we’ve got the first part covered. We specialize in camerawork, editing and producing. We have worked across a broad range of clients including tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Facebook, GigaOM, Joyent, YouTube), news organizations (Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times), music acts (Moby, Cypress Hill, Santogold, Janelle Monae), a plethora of live events, and a variety of mom and pop shops.  In this capacity we can work as small as a single unit, as a crew being responsible for lighting, audio, and picture, and also as Producer managing crews as large as 30.

For the second part, we have a Zero Waste profile, operate with a Green Energy standard, and our profits fund a Poverty Education Campaign, as well as our nonprofit Visual Anarchy. Visual Anarchy has 4 major areas of outreach. First they teach free video production to small philanthropic organizations and empower them to create their own high quality messages. Second, they have a Poverty Education Campaign that uses film to educate people on the origins of mass homelessness and generates food, clothing, hygiene kit, and financial donations for a variety of homeless service providers throughout The United States. Third they provide free video production for struggling nonprofits and community organizations. Fourth they host an educational podcast. If you hire us, you support ethical video production.

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