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My name is Maurice Anderson, owner of SN10Films. I specialize in Camera Operating, Editing and Assisting Editing, Directing and assisting with directing scenes.
I have over 10 years of experience in Photography shooting to, Weddings, Private Masion parties. I have 4yrs professionally in Cinematic film.
I have worked in various areas of media, including but not limited to film, production and editing software.
I am based in Tucson, AZ but willing to travel outside of Tucson to Phoenix, Flagstaff ext.
I have worked with various artists over the years specializing in DSLR cameras.
You can watch my latest show reel on Instagram @SN10Films and || YouTube SN10FILMS ||

|| Editing Programs ||
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro

Event Photography
Stage Production & Film
Music Videos
Private Mansion Parties
Live Events
Commercial Videos
BTS Documentary
|| Equipment ||
Photography kit
C-Cam also used as A-Cam depending on project.
Nikon D3500 DSLR
Lens / 70-300mm
Yongnu 50mm
Alturo super macro lens
Cinematic kit
Panasonic S5ii
25mm f/0.25-0.82
20-60mm f0.15m-0.49
Panasonic Lumix G7 4k full frame Camera
25mm lens
14-42mm HD lens
Feiyu Tech Gimble Stabilizer
Shoulder mounts and
camera cages for both camera models

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4th street Tucson Fair 2022

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Louie Cannoy filming studio …

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Music Video Reel

Here is my Cinematic 2022 Filmmaking Reel ShinobiNetwork1.0 Production, your #1 multi-cinematic production company. Let us film your next music… View the Video

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GMP Content LLC

GMP Content LLC

Content creator

I know GMP content from out in Tucson, AZ. I worked on as an assistant Camera Operator for one of their music video project. I volunteer and filmed the live performance event.

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