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Cameron Dominguez

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I am a video editor and content producer with a talent for quickly producing engaging content. Communicative and team-oriented with proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop and some experience in After Effects. Eager to work relentlessly to meet team, individual and management objectives.

After graduating from Fresno State in 2022 with my Bachelors Degree in Media, Communication and Journalism with a concentration in Multimedia Production, I began working with the Fresno State Foundation as part of the production crew. While I’ve worked as a grip and camera operator, I spend the majority of my time working as an editor using Adobe Premiere Pro. I do not miss deadlines and I am eager to learn and expand my portfolio.

In my free time I freelance or create content in the E-sports and gaming space for an audience of over 170,000 across Twitch, Youtube, and TikTok.

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Touch Grass

This project was a very serious undertaking for me. This PSA I produced for my Filmmaking 2 class, was my… View the Video

Fresno State International C…

In addition to helping set up the event and striking everything down, including cameras, audio mixing, and livestream equipment, I… View the Video

Can We Break AI Art?

This was a fun exercise as an editor. The question of, how do you earn and maintain an audience's attention?… View the Video

Minimum Wage

My second documentary project I focused on the "Great Resignation" by talking to employees and management at a small local… View the Video

Charquican - An Immigration …

My first venture into Documentary. I wanted to explore the larger discussion of immigration going on in the country at… View the Video

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Candace Egan

Candace Egan

Professor of Film & Media Arts, Fresno State Department of Media, Communications and Journalism Director, MCJ Multimedia Production Service

I first met Candace as one of her students while I studied at Fresno State. Currently I work under her at the Fresno State Foundation.

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